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You have the beginning stubble of a beard and prefer the smell of wood to an Ambercrombie & Fitch store. Congratulations! are Mannish!
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Think back to your childhood…. Do you remember watching movies with guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee, & Dirty Harry kicking Bad guy ass as easy as taking out the trash?
As young boys we all wanted to be that Guy, wanted to connect with our inner Alpha, wanted to get Strong, learn to Fight, learn to Shoot, learn to Protect ourselves and others from the Evil Doers that lurk.
Somehow throughout the years some of us accepted our fate and lost our drive for Badassary, lost our dream, lost our vision and settled for being less than our Manly potential. We’ve succumbed to sitting for 16 hours a day, eating crappy food, and the only fight we’ve had in years is bending over to tie our shoes while stretching the seams of our khakis!
Even worse, we’ve lost our connection with our fellow man, our comrades, our bros, and cashed in for Reality TV on the couch.
There once was a period when Men carved out time in their busy lives for some Brotherly Bonding time over Beer and Conversation. This was when Exaggerated Stories were told, Smack talking was expected, and Adventure was born.
It’s time Gents, It’s time to get it all back…..It’s time to light that Manly Fire within and Fuel that Flame to be more than we’ve become, be the Leading Man in our own story, Get Strong, Refine those Skills, Connect with our Bros, Grill some Meat, Chug some Brew, and make our Younger selves proud of the Man we’ve become
Join us as we help regular guys transition from Average To Savage and embark on a Journey to achieve their Maximum Pump, Lethal Brutality, and ALL of the Shenanigans that go along with Bonding with your Bros……
Welcome to The Alpha Corps where the Average Joe becomes the Ultimate Bro.

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