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Adulting doesn't have to be so hard.
Most people are silently begging for something in their lives to be different.
They just don’t know where to start (or if it’s even possible).
That’s where I come in.

My name is Amelia and I am a self-love teacher, coach, and motivational speaker. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from New York University and used to work on Wall Street for almost 10 years.

I’ve gone from being eyeballs deep in bone breaking debt to actually making a profit and filing my taxes on time,

Dating unavailable, douchebag men to creating a beautiful, long-term partnership with my boyfriend, and

Working a soul-crushing, passionless day job to being a digital nomad where I get paid to be creative and can basically live wherever I want.

I say all of this NOT to impress you.
I say all of this to give you a hint of what is possible for you.

Chances are, you KNOW you are talented, brilliant, and full of potential...
(But, it doesn’t always feel that way). Oof. I get it!
Some days feeling good enough just to get out of bed feels darn near impossible.

We all need that friend who can get in our head and remind us who the eff we really are and what we’re capable of.

I'm that friend.

I can help you unlock your potential and get unstuck.

I’ve been working with thousands of people from all over the world to create amazing things.

I made this Patreon account so my services could be even more accessible.

Take a look around and see which of my tiers is best for you.
My top priority is providing massive value to you for as long as humanly possible.
I love my clients, supporters, and fans.

When you become part of my Courageous Self-Love Revolution, you will notice your life transforming right before your very eyes and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at my website:
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When I reach $300 per month, I will truly be free to create even better content for you. This amount would cover all of my monthly expenses associated with running this Patreon smoothly including everything from the internet bill to the accounting software.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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