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is creating audio and visual media for sustainability
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About TAIA - The Animation and Illustration Activist


My name is Per a.k.a. TAIA and
I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
I run Opus Animo and Ekofilm which are two
production companies for animated movies,
illustration and music. 

I have started converting my assignments so they are
addressed to companies and organisations who works for a
sustainable future.
I am making a lot of my work for free or for a small budget
so that the organisations I work for easily can spread
their message.

 I am really happy for your support and hope you 
will like what you see here from now on.

Thank you and lets turn around the world together
for the better! :D

Fridays for Future

Extinction Rebellion

Big and Small
I am also putting together a satire comic series that I continually release images from here.
Work in progress. The satire comics  Big and Small

Filosofaxen / Essence

About eight years ago I started making my own books where I collected self-written poetry and philosophical thoughts that I later illustrated. So far I have made three of them and now I have started colorizing the best parts. As I do the books in my spare time, I need to put time off my assignments to complete the production and to make new never-seen-before material.
Samples from the book series called  Filosofaxen.

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When I reach 500 patrons, I´ll translate my work to 2 more languages and give my patrons access to a webb exclusive e-book when published. Both the Filosofaxen material and the Satire comic series.
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