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About The Anime Brain

Hello, friend!
My name is Bruno and I run the channel The Anime Brain.

My content
I've been making youtube videos ever since I was 12 making this year the 9th year creating content for that platform. I essentially make Anime Vines/Cracks and I always try to upload twice a week, which has been happening for a few months now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Really, thank you all! I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to make it this far and it's all thanks to you guys. If like my videos, want to support me, but can't afford to, don't worry! Patreon isn't the only way to support my content. Consider showing a video of mine to a friend!
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Thank you, really, it means a lot! 
If this goal is reached I'll know someone out there actually cares about me and at least won't starve to death.
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