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About The Apocalypse Order

The Apocalypse Order is an attempt to rekindle the indomitable spirit of humankind and to rediscover the sense of belonging and purpose that many have lost in our modern age. The Order was founded during the run-up to the 2016 US election, which made it apparent that the possibility to experience an apocalyptic event in our lifetime was quite real--a realization that would lead directly to the choice of name.

We believe that a true sense of community is largely missing from the neighborhoods of the world and that while people may be connected greater over long distances, few people truly enjoy a real sense of family, friendship, or belonging to the communities in their geographical region.

We seek to bring back that sense of tribal community and connection through shared goals and experiences, and to encourage better health along with the development of positive personality traits. More than just "another edgy Left-Hand Path line for weirdos", The Apocalypse Order seeks to foster stronger, self-determined men and women willing to fight the battles coming in the future of the world.
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