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 The Arkham Files Secret Tapes

  • Exclusive access to any bonus episodes that we release! The main Arkham Files show will always be free but we’ll have a lot of fun extras here. Behind the scenes content! Show recaps! One shot games run by various members of the cast, and much more!
  • Soundtrack to The Arkham Files! Download and listen to any of the original music that we produce for the show. Jam out to our theme song or add some suspenseful ambiance to your home game! For non-commercial use only

  • We’ll name a NPC after you!*
  • Digital access to the handouts and props we use in our games! Alex makes most of these himself to give out for the scenarios. Check them out to see what the players see or download them for your own game!

• Includes everything from previous tiers! •

*We’ll be selecting the names for the NPCs randomly, so there is no way to know when your name might be used. Also there is no guarantee that the character will not be a terrible murderous cultist or that they will not die a gruesome horrifying death

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The Arkham Files Secret Files

  • Campaign Notes and Original Scenarios! You’ll receive a link to download all of Alex’s notes he makes for the pre-written scenarios we play and any original scenarios he writes for the show. As soon as he can translate them into a format decipherable by normal humans!
  • A Gifted PDF Copy of a Scenario of Adventure! Periodically, when we play a scenario that we particularly enjoy, we will gift a digitalcopy of it to subscribers at this tier!

•Includes everything from previous tiers•




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The Arkham Files is an actual play RPG podcast where a group of lifelong brothers and Donaven battle their way through the Lovecraftian horrors of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu tabletop role playing game. The show features a lot of laughs and with every episode we aim to hit that sweet spot of improv comedy, suspense, and excitement, but still feel like you’re just hanging out at the table with your old friends. We want this to feel like the game you always wanted to be a part of. To achieve that we do a ton of editing to keep the plot moving, add sound effects and even write original music to enhance the experience for our listeners. We are also constantly searching for ways to improve the entertainment and quality of the show.

That is where you come in. 
The Arkham Files is a continual work in progress. Work that we love and are always looking to improve, whether that be by better equipment, our own website, more content, more sound effects, custom artwork, official merchandise, or just more time to be able to devote to the show. By becoming one of our Patrons you are becoming a part of all of that. A part of the weird fusion of entertainment, art, and community that makes up this unique hobby that we all love. Along with the improvements your contributions provide, as part of our Patreon family you will have access to exclusive rewards offered only to our Patrons. Our goal is to always make you feel like you are getting the most entertainment value for your dollar and to make you love us so much that you bequeath all of your earthly goods to us. We don’t feel like any of this is unreasonable. 
So take a look at what we have to offer and thanks for listening. 
Now grab onto some dice and your sanity, let’s roll!
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