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About The Attack Zone Podcast

Thanks for checking out our Patreon. The Attack Zone is a Dice Masters podcast in The Reserve Pool Network dedicated to covering the strategy of the game.

We'd like to keep the podcast sounding great. One piece of content that our listeners seem to enjoy is "The Six Pack," where we break down a hand of a booster draft and talk about the cards. We'd like to continue doing it, but need to break even. For that, we need your help. We have a goal of $18 per month.

If you back us for as little as $1 per month, we will do the six pack in every new episode once we hit our funding goal. We will also have a monthly drawing of backers and send the winner any foils, rares, and super rares that we opened that month in the six pack (dice not included except on specific cards). If you back for $3 or more, you will have five entries to win instead of just one.

If we exceed this goal, we will have other perks in the works for our backers, or perhaps will just do additional segments as bonus episodes, but we must stress that whatever happens with this, no content will ever be limited to backers-only.

Note that this is just in support of our continuing this segment on The Attack Zone podcast; it is not fundraising for TRP as a whole.
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At this level, we will break even for the segment - this will get us the packs we need, take care of Patreon's fees, with enough extra to mail the prizes to the monthly winners.

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