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Crossing Through a Thin Place
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Get silly, probably-not-canon (probably) things, news updates, and a birthday discount every year :3 
The Forest on the Other Side
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Magic and dryads and trees, oh my!

Get ebooks and stories in other digital formats (like games) when they’re released, as well as a signed piece of artwork for your birthday each year :D

Touch of the Unicorn
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*throws sparkles everywhere* Unlike glitter, it doesn’t stick to your clothes for all eternity (your cheeks on the other hand… *whistles innocently*).

Get a signed paperback shipped to you each year, either in December or on your birthday (you choose!). Also included: all of the ebooks and digital stuffs as they’re released, yesssss




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I write stories on the edge of familiarity.

Most of them are books. I also have a webcomic with a completed story arc and an interactive short story.

Right now, I do this part time, and those are the best hours of my day. I get to chase insane unicorns, explore ancient mysteries, and fill every nook and corner with trees and birds (but seriously, there are a *lot* of birds and trees in my stories xD ). It’s exactly what I hoped it would be when I was a kid - creating things that make people happy - and I still can’t get over how lucky I am to be doing this.

While creating these stories takes time, bringing them to you takes money. Publishing a book has an up-front cost that you hope your creation will earn back, ideally in a timely fashion. It's risky, with no guarantee of success, and when you're doing it on your own, like I am, if what you create doesn't earn back its expenses, or doesn't earn them quickly enough, it hurts your ability to pay for other things, like groceries.

By becoming a patron, you help make this risky thing I'm doing much, much less risky. Not only will I be assured that the expenses for what I create are already covered, but I'll be able to use what they earn afterwards to create even more.

And I'll still be able to eat while doing it.

(I really like eating.)

So if you're a fan who's determined to make sure that I keep creating stories you love for as long as humanly possible, becoming a patron is the best way to do that.

Right now, I have more dreams than I have the ability to bring them to you in reality.

Thanks to everyone here, that's changing.

The White Changeling Series (the one with an insane unicorn)

Books Based on/Inspired by Fairy Tales


Dreaming of Her and Other Stories (my first-ever book!)

Kara the Brave (the webcomic)

The Tree and the Grave (the interactive short story)

$26 of $150 per month
Three words: White Changeling omnibus.

Once I hit this goal, I'll be able to take Hidden in Sealskin, Like Mist Over the Eyes, and Hunter and Prey and put them together into a single paperback. This edition will also include a short story set between books 1 and 2, and the maps that didn't make it into the original edition of Hidden in Sealskin.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 65 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 65 exclusive posts

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