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is creating content on the history of pregnancy, birth, and infant care
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About The Baby Historian

About The Baby Historian:
The Baby Historian provides educational articles and videos on the history of pregnancy, birth, and infant care around the world in a knowledgeable but irreverent style. Using primary sources, like diaries, original infant care manuals, popular culture, and art history, TBH hopes to show parents and infant care providers where ideas about infants, birth, and pregnancy originate. Understanding the historical trends can help us to recognize how adaptive our babies really are, hopefully taking some of the pressure off worried parents or at least giving perspective on this fleeting stage of life. 

About the Author:

As an undergraduate, Aradia Wyndham studied anthropology, with a particular interest in infant care around the world and throughout history; focusing on infant transport strategies. As a graduate student, she studied book history with a focus on Early Modern printed medical and domestic manuals that concerned pregnancy, birth, and infant care. Throughout university, Aradia worked as a childcare provider and taught contemporary babywearing in her community.

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