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is creating jewelry, art, and change!
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Admirers get access to a downloadable coloring page with my original Heart Art each month. You choose JPG or PDF. (both will be posted on my page. :) )

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Each download can be colored with photoshop or printed and colored.
I highly encourage you to share your coloring creations on my Patreon page! I love seeing what fans and their friends/family create with my designs!




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About Califia Hurtado

Welcome to my Patreon!
My name is Califia Hurtado, and I am here, to grow my artistry, as well as help inspire change!

I am an artist. I started with pencils, paint, music, and words! I have a passion for art in all forms, and strive to support other artists that I enjoy to the best of my ability.
In my own space, I get to highlight the beauty of natural stones, create beautiful sculptures, and share my passions. I craft every piece of art and jewelry by hand. It is important for me to know exactly what is used to create my art.

In the past three years my family took on a challenge that meant a lot to us. We decided we were going single-use plastic free.
I'm sure you've all seen the incredible plethora of news about our climate and environment. I realized that it is up to us to make small changes. Simultaneously, we must put pressure on companies and individuals to make big changes.
For me, small changes meant leaving at least part of the yard "wild" where we were renting, adding native wildflower seeds. Composting, or taking our scraps to someone who composts, so that it can be used to improve the soil. Creating less garbage and repurposing and recycling more. Reusing the packages that come to us in the mail so that they aren't single use plastic. Shifting from plastics to natural fibers in our clothes. And with each step we take, the more liberating it feels.
So, I'm here. Making art. Trying to do what I can to make a positive change in my little corner of the world. I now have an amazing set of skills, unique artist friends, and a beautiful family to share all of it with! If you'll join me here, I'll do my best to share my art. My dreams. What we have done and will do to keep shrinking our footprint and transforming our lives. All of this amidst raising children, caring for pets, helping wildlife, and making art! It'll be a challenge. Will you join me?

Califia Hurtado
The Bead Muse
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When I reach $200 a month, I will be able to invest in better tools and materials. I plan to take silversmithing classes in the future!
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