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Hi! Thank you for stopping to look at our work. Your support means so much to us! We make figurines, pottery, and the occasional 2d art to keep our quadrupedal furbies fed.

Our goals here on Patreon are simple:
  • Keep our 3 cat children content and healthy.
  • Make more of our art without breaking the bank; art keeps us happy and healthy.
  • Make tutorials for the people interested.
  • Invest in better equipment for casting, pottery, etc.
  • Eventually Rachel would like to set up a home ceramics studio.

About us:
Way back in the dark ages of 2010, we met in arts high school, started dating, graduated together in 2014, adopted Sigh, and roomed together in college. It did not go well.

(Sigh, our mascot, and beloved firstborn son.)

Health problems forced us to move back home, and while trying to invigorate the creative energy that had been dried up by the unforgiving sun of 8a.m. classes, we set out to rediscover ourselves. We ended up discovering air-dry clay.

Armed with this new power and our combined artistic skills, we set up a studio in the corner of a garage and performed a fusion dance, endowing our collective being with the ability to sculpt and paint! Kind of. It wasn’t as neat looking. But we thought the little animals we were making were pretty cool, and The Beast Boutique was born!


While we’ve largely moved on from air-dry clay as a medium, The Beast Boutique is the product of our combined strengths, arts training, and new tricks learned since we started. We now use a range of materials, like resin and polymer clay, to create our creatures. (We eventually started making pottery too, once I fell in love with the pottery wheel.)

Your support in helping us reach our goals would mean the world to us - both of us have dreamed of turning art into an income since we were kids, and that’s really all there is to it. 

If you’re interested in following us on social media, here are some links. Instagram || Facebook || Etsy

Thank you again for stopping by!
- Rachel, Theresa, and Sigh.

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When we reach this goal, we will be able to increase the number of giveaways we do from once every other month to once a month! 
Twice as many raffles increases your chances of winning one of our nifty figurines!

(Rachel would also like to buy a pasta machine to roll out clay.)
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