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About The Black Goddess

Hello, this is Black Goddess, I am a black woman that's going her own way also known as BWGTOW. My BWGTOW channel is for black women who put themselves and their own interests first! This channel is for like-minded individual-minded, non-religious, self-agent black women only! This channel is not a pro-black, hotep, black power, race-first, black love, "the black man is God", black unity type of channel! If you are a mammy, a mule, or a black phallus-stroking handmaiden, this channel is not for you. This channel is for progressive black women only!  If you are a black woman, and you want me to make a video of your choice of topic, just ask. Have a good day!
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My goal is to reach as many black women as I can throughout the whole globe that has the same mindset in practicing their sovereignty. I want to travel outside the United States,
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