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About The Black Techies

Welcome to the The Black Techies, where black culture meets the world of technology. But why are we doing this? Why call ourselves the black techies? Why not just “the” techies? Glad you asked.

Here’s what we are:

  1. The Black Techies are men and women of color who are genuinely interested in technology and/or work in various technological areas. Most of us have degrees in computer science and are well versed in most aspects of computers and consumer technology
  2. The Black Techies exist because people aren’t always represented fully in the tech space. Most of the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the tech industry are white. Indeed, attend large scale trade shows like CES or Mobile World Congress and you’ll see a great majority of whites in the field. We exist to show other people of color that it’s okay to be a techie. IT’s okay to be a nerd. We actively promote and encourage people of color to consider the STEM field.
  3. True to our creed, we exist to talk about how technology affects the black community and how we can actively use technology to build our communities up. We live in a world where almost anyone can get access to a smartphone and start a business using the internet. How can we actively empower young black boys and girls to create the next Google or Apple?
As great as that sounds, we need your help to spread the word! We have a small yet passionate fan base and we'd like to grow our community (yes, non-black people are definitely included). However, producing weekly podcasts and running a website and Facebook page cost money! Fortunately, YOU get to be the one who helps grow our community and expand our reach. We want to continue to create a community of like-minded individuals who love technology and gaming. Our focus is to collaborate and use our platform to give back to the black community. Join us as we continue our journey to change the perception of black folks in the tech world!

In the spirit of transparency, we will let you know exactly what your funds go towards. In the beginning, your money will go towards promotion on social media. That means creating ads on Facebook and Twitter to promote our podcast and blog posts. This will help spread the word and build our community. Once we’re sufficiently bigger then we can start doing more like giveaways and reviews! 
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Once we get to 10 patrons, we will add. A monthly $20 Amazon gift card giveaway to a random subscriber!
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