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any amount helps, getting 100 from one person or getting 1 from a hundred different people gives me the same amount, but having a hundred different people means all of the 100 wont just suddenly disappear 1 day ;) so THANKS this helps greatly too :)
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this is the regular twitch subscriber price, thanks for subscribing :D
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thank you SO MUCH for this massive support, I'll try to play a game on stream for you once a month, something you want me to try out (and yes.. sure I'll play the damn barbie games you guys are so obsessed with making me play xD)
this reward is so expensive because i can't be spending all of my streams playing viewer games :/




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Hello :) my name is Ask, but most people call me Axe, I'm a content creator and entertainer on
Streaming as it is called, is my passion and something i want to do for the rest of my life, something i want to make my living from. To do this i need to make enough money from it to feed myself, pay my bills, buy streaming related hardware and equipment as well home related stuff aka toilet paper, dishes and what not.

The purpose of this Patreon is to ask my viewers for help to do this. nothing more, nothing less, i don't expect anybody to help it is completely up to you, and i would advise you against it if you are not financially well off enough to afford it.
But ANY and all help is greatly appreciated, the fact that you are reading this and even considering it, means the world to me. thank you for considering helping me out with the thing i love to do most in the entire world. thank you! <3
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getting a third monitor will allow me to have twitter open while streaming so i can see what you guys tweet at me, as well as use a program that MZ created for me to do some cool stuff with the actual stream :D and probabbly other stuff too
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