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is creating a drop it all and see the world adventure
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How did we get there? What was our budget here? How do we stay so muscular?

Your ongoing contribution, will get you private access to AMA (Ask Me Anything) videos where you can send in questions and get answers in helping you hit the road.
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For helping us get from low budget indie filming to hollywood blockbuster you'll get the above plus, we'll send you a hand made travel charm to bring you luck and inspiration to get traveling. The charms are handmade by the three of us using natural treasures we found on our travels.
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We really want to inspire people to travel. It changes something inside you and gives you a deeper appreciation for life, culture and the time you spend. We believe that the quality of the videos are directly related to the number of people who see and are impacted by the videos. You understand this and want us to help spread the message.

You'll get the above plus, a hand drawn caricature by Carol.




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About The Bolinger Family

We wanted to create a series to inspire people to travel, experience different cultures and the importance of that now rare family time. See how we manage to pull it off with a mortgage, budgets... and a 4 year old child.

Learn from our endless mistakes and take some inspiration from incredible places we find. Your backing helps keep us filming, upgrade the production gear and replaces these terrible actors with Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Raffey Cassidy.
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Now, imagine how many hours go into making our videos look so damn good with those limitations. Just think of what we could do with multiple angles, pro software and a computer from this decade.
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