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 •   Every month, you can ask me to draw one simple character/idea of your choice, and it will be part of a large digital drawing made out of sketches! (also called a sketch dump) This drawing will be public and accessible to everyone,




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About Yves Bourgelas

Hi! I'm Yves Bourgelas, also known as The Bourgyman on the Internet. I'm a Canadian comic artist, creator of the webcomic-turned-comic-book Supercrash! and of the fan comic The 3 Little Princesses.

Supercrash is a youth comic series about a young teenager's journey into becoming a proper superhero. The series is being pre-published on the website Supercrash.net. The comic book version was successfully crowdfunded using Kickstarter in 2017.

I live off my art by regularly touring comic conventions, book fairs and festivals, but living fully as a comic artist isn't easy. I often have to rely on external freelance gigs to make ends meet, most of them which I cannot share with the public. I don't like to keep my art activities a secret.

If you become a patron, not only will you get 100% of my gratitude, but you will also enable me to pursue more artistic and comic projects of my own, that in turn I can share with the community (that's YOU!). And also, depending on the tier you select, you'll be able to personally get something in return as well. The choice is in your hands!
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If I reach $150 a month, I'll start doing work-in-progress videos every month; videos where I film myself working on drawings, digitally and/or traditionally. I've been doing it VERY sporadically, but this will become a monthly habit whenever we reach that goal!
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