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About City of Trees Brass Band

For believing in the power of positive expression, celebrating culture in your community, and supporting the spirit of creative education, everyone at City of Trees Brass Band is grateful to you.

We travel to schools, mostly K-12, in order to perform inspirational and educational clinics. Our goals are simple. Get kids to demand music programs or maximize their existing opportunities. Provide kids with the inspiration to discover new ways with which to express themselves. Have fun. 

The City of Trees home team is a dedicated cast of seven unique people, and our family tree reaches from coast to coast. Everybody here is an accomplished, in demand, and respected member of their musical community. Still, each artist manages to make time for the kids. 

When we first started reaching out to schools, we managed to perform a few times a year. Now we see the kids a little more frequently. Our next goal is to do free, MONTHLY clinics or petting zoos. A little further down the road is WEEKLY outreach. I think you can see where we're going. 

Thanks to you we are well on our way to our goals. Thank you!
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Song Request
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  • We'll arrange and record a video of ANY song
Sponsor Local Clinic
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  • Choose a school near our Sacramento headquarters
  • Attend the clinic you sponsored 
  • Thank you card from teacher, band, and class
Private Lessons
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  • 8 lessons 
You can decide who gets your sponsorship or let us choose. We always have leads on the young, promising, and passionate. 
Sponsor Mentorship
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  • 12 private lessons
  • Video recital 
Students spend three months engulfed in weekly lessons with their new mentor. In these private sessions, students learn how to approach music as a language then perform a musical dialogue with their teacher. This video can be used as an audition tape for the future. 
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Right now City of Trees gets out into the community every couple of months. One day we'd like to have bands visiting schools every day.

With every Patreon goal, we achieve an extra clinic.
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