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Hey guys, 
So I am an aspiring documentary film maker, writer, and comedian of sorts. As an empath, former chef and Gulf War I veteran, I am the living embodiment of hard meets soft. As a former radio personality and radio tech, chef, and EMT, I was at my retail job when I realized that I had hit rock bottom! How did I get here?! I quit my job, bought a camera, reorganized my life, and never looked back! 

I currently manage a Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter page of the same name, where I am currently chronicling my life working on my various projects and passions, who dares challenge the system that creates only bad jobs, low pay, and unnecessary difficulty. The world doesn't work the way it used to, so we have to reinvent ourselves and find positivity and our own path. I used put out informative and entertaining videos about being an empath, situational depression, and humor on YouTube. But now my mission is to tackle the socioeconomic and cultural aspects of our world, from the jobs front to our hardened culture, in a sometimes snarky, sometimes funny, but always real and conversational light. I'm currently writing books and trying to break into comedy and voice acting, and I need your help to get published as a writer, and to get my documentary films made. 

I'm also a motivational speaker of sorts, and I try to make sense of the world we live in. As a former chef, soldier, student of life, and all around thinky fellow, I'm trying to find a voice for the regular people, and to break the chains of socioeconomic and systemic subservience and poverty. To live this life as freely and boldly as possible. Your contributions allow me to do the work for regular working people who've been ignored and smothered by a system that just doesn't work for them anymore. 

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