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About Sarah Richard-Preston

Hi, I’m Sarah, Thank you for visiting my page. I create fun, easy music activities for you to share with your baby. These activities are presented in an 8 week program of video sessions.

Since having your baby have you had any of these thoughts…?
  • “I know music is important for my child's development but I don’t know how to do music activities.”
  • “I don’t know the words to nursery rhymes” or "I always forget the words".
  • “I can’t sing” or ”I’m not musical”.

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert to do music activities with your baby at home. I’ve developed an 8 week online program, which shows you how to do fun activities with your baby. It’s like a structured, face-to-face music group, but with the flexibility and convenience of being online. I demonstrate the activities through streaming videos. You can watch the video sessions with on your computer or mobile device as many times as you want. You’ll soon be singing along and sharing smiles and giggles with baby and feeling great for playing an active role in your baby’s development!
I support UNICEF...
5% of all pledges here on Patreon will be donated to UNICEF to help provide for every child: a fair chance, health, education, clean water, play... all of the things that we take for granted and provide our own children with each day.

Why I created The Bubble Box music activities for babies

I’m a university qualified early childhood teacher, currently teaching grade 1 at one of Brisbane's (Australia) largest and highest performing primary schools. I’ve worked for the past 8+ years in early childhood and creative arts settings, including teaching music to young children. I’ve seen the joy that sharing music brings young children, especially when shared with a parent!

When I became the mother of two gorgeous little girls, it was this experience, the greatest and most challenging of all, that inspired me to create The Bubble Box. Because, like all parents, I want my children to have the best start in life. And I know from my work, research and  personal experiences that spending quality time doing music activities together will give them just that.

I actually started creating music activities (including writing my own songs) for my babies during our music time together. Before I developed The Bubble Box, I spotted a problem… I went searching for music activities online, but couldn’t find a dedicated baby’s music program. Sure, there are countless Youtube videos with cartoon characters singing nursery rhymes and there are thousands of blogs featuring a couple of music activities here and there, but who has the time to spend trawling the internet?

I wanted to make it easy for mums and dads like you to do music at home with your babies. Here is, The Bubble Box. So, make the most of your precious baby time and join me for some fun and learning in The Bubble Box today.

So, what’s inside The Bubble Box?

Join and you’ll get, instant, unlimited access to my 8 week program of music activities for babies. In each session I lead activities that explore different themes through nursery rhymes, traditional and original songs, lullabies, finger plays, dancing and more. Each activity contains a video with the lyrics. You “press play” and I sing and demonstrate the actions. 

Each session is approximately 20-25 minutes long and contains around 14 activities. I recommend doing 1 session per week and making this a part of your weekly routine. Of course, you can do the sessions more or less often, whatever suits your schedule. Ideally you will revisit the sessions after the 8 first weeks and repeat them on an ongoing basis. Children learn through repetition and you will also gain confidence and remember more of the words and actions the more often you do the them.

Benefits of music for babies @ The Bubble Box

  1. Boosts your baby’s development – Research shows us music has a host of developmental benefits for babies including brain, language and communication development.
  2. Make the most of precious baby time – Babies don’t stay babies for long! Music is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time bonding with your little one in the first fleeting months and years.
  3. Easy, convenient and fun – Instant access to easy to follow videos. The activities are like those you’d find in a face to face music group, but with the flexibility of being online. Enjoy music in line with your schedule.

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