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About The Burrow Reviews

My name is Jared, and I am a Nebraskan film and TV reviewer and future critic. Here, you will find our written reviews for newly released movies and TV shows, along with Hollywood related news topics. To compliment that content, I will also write reviews/stories covering film and TV projects here in Nebraska to support the local community.

While studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I gave myself one goal: do what makes me happy. Fortunately, I found my passion and began to work on my future in many ways; writing screenplays, acting, and studying film. For a while I managed a movie theatre along with an incredible team of genuine people. It was there that I learned how exciting the movie industry truly is. With this knowledge base and passion, I plan to bring my audience a professional and enjoyable way to keep up with the world of entertainment! I couldn't thank you enough for being here. Patreon allows me to create content for you without the restrictions on what I can/can't do. 

We want to make The Burrow Reviews all-inclusive. If you're a fan of makeup, we plan on eventually tackling those videos; If you're a video game fan, we plan on streaming and reviewing video games. However, our main focus is on film and television, and as such, the majority of content we cover will fall in that category. As we grow, we'll make it our mission to add more for you to enjoy!

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