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Level One
per creation (every 1 - 3 months)

-Early access to all sketches, WIPs, sneak peeks of future work (thru Discord)

-Full JPG image of featured artwork (+ some other artworks created within same creation period)

- Access to Patreon-Only Discord! 

-25% off code on my INPRNT purchases

Includes Discord rewards
Level Two
per creation (every 1 - 3 months)
-Everything above

-Full resolution file for any GIF (animated) artwork posted during period.

-PSD file of featured artwork to see layers

Includes Discord rewards
Level Five
per creation (every 1 - 3 months)

-Everything above

-Early access to video tutorials (when available) 

-Long version of speedpaint (eg. 30 min +) of featured artwork

-Brush settings (Sai + CSP)

Includes Discord rewards



About theCecile

Hi, I'm Cecile!
I create digital paintings of both original and fan art (anime, games, etc). You can find my @ thececilz on twitter and instagram, or thececile on Deviant Art and Youtube!

In regards to codes for Tier 1 awards, This is My INPRNT Store!
If you are looking to purchase past patreon awards, you can do so on my Gumroad!
Any support is greatly appreciated, and will help me create more content. Thank you for viewing my page~

Between each creation period will be 1 month+, and a post will be made to announce specific rewards and when they should be sent out. 

Questions and Concerns:
- Subbing to higher tiers does mean you will receive awards of all tiers below it.
- Yes, you are able to cancel membership at any time.
- The program I'm using is Paint Tool Sai at the moment! Therefore all process / videos will apply best to users of this program. 
-Your account will be charged on the first of the following month after I make a paid post!
-Not in the Discord Server? Make sure you have connected your Patreon account to your discord~ You should automatically be invited. 
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Thank you all so much! I would never think I could reach this number. As a thank you gift, I will do a Patron feature! 10 patrons will be chosen (by raffle) to be featured on my Instagram story, one per day. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to