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About Sasha Morrissey

The Chase is a short animation written by Fenny Kar and realized by artist Sasha Morrissey (also known as "Feather Critter" or "Kuroseishin"). 

An idyllic forest scene, the excitement of a hunt, until... 


Click here to see the full animatic!

Official blog- Lots of previous WIPs!

The Chase has been in progress for quite some time and is nearly complete! However, since I'm a one critter animation team, it's been difficult to find time to work on it while juggling enough other work to pay the bills. Now you can help!

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Patreon is a crowdfunding website where people like you can help artists like me! Except unlike Kickstarter, it's an ongoing subscription. There's no fail or succeed; this project will go on, but you can make it happen faster and better. You'll get updates as it happens and cool bonus rewards like wallpapers, prints or even getting your name in the credits of the film! 

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Wow! At this level I can start dedicating most of my time to this project! In exchange I'll start making some short commentary videos each month where I talk about the animation process available only to patrons! And there will be a stream roughly once a week!
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