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Hey there I am so glad I can tell you about me and my family. We have played together for more than 10 years now and we love creating music and video. We now want to work towards something really special. Our first album of music and video that is completely original content. We have given time to the local residents in long term care facilities and they love it when we come and play. We know there is a lot of joy in listening to great music. My family is getting older and now is the time. Noah is planning to head of to Manitoba next year to university and so our window is now. We just want some support to help us bring our music to even more people. We have been working very hard to make our dream a reality. Please consider supporting our work and we will make you proud.
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I am looking to bring in enough money per month to keep our work going even longer. Right now we are paying for it all out of pocket which gives us a bit of a roadblock to concentrating on our music and video creation.
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