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This is for The Seeds, the ones who enjoy the blog and just want to chip in a little something to help keep it running. Any support is appreciated! This will also grant access to The Coconut Seed Podcast when it launches.
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Access to The Bi-Monthly Coconut Seed Podcast. Listen to my "soothing" voice as I ramble on about the many wonders and fuck-ups of life.  You will also be able to send in your own stories or issues that you'd like to hear my opinion on. Personal or otherwise! People who send in personal stories or issues that are covered will remain anonymous in the Podcast unless otherwise requested.
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I'm going to be honest, I don't even know what I could give to someone that would pledge this amount. Of course it gives access to all that's available in the previous tiers but all else I can provide is a big thank you. A single pledge of this amount will help the blog website stay hosted for another year and still leave behind change for living costs.




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About The Coconut Seed

What is The Coconut Seed?

The Coconut Seed is a lifestyle blog where a struggling writer jots down his experiences and observations about life, love, ambition, and the occasional trending issues. A lot of the posts are true stories and inspirations of things that I have observed. My hope is that people can have a look at my blog as a platform to read a story from someone who made a lot of mistakes in their life and is finally growing up to see the real world around him. I'd like the posts and podcasts to relate to people. Everything I write and say is unfiltered and I may occasionally say something offensive.

But...wait, who are you?
I am currently living in a country that has placed heavy regulations on bloggers and due to that I maintain a certain level of anonymity until the issue is resolved or until I move (Here's to hoping Patreon will help me with that!). My name is easy to figure out, but I cannot provide my location just yet. It's in Africa is all I can say.

Where Does The Money Go?
This is a start-up project of mine so all the funds will go to the following:
1. To live
2. To buy a domain and premium upgrade for the website so it can be found on google!
3. A Microphone to set up the The Coconut Seed Podcast and keep the bills paid.
4. Sound Proofing Equipment

Once I manage to reach the goal (see above) needed, any further patron support will go towards living, maintaining and improving the website and Podcast, as well as saving for Japan 2019/2020 -> Which, by the way, would be awesome for the Blog. An African living in Japan, a perspective definitely worth writing about!

If you've decided to become a patron for The Coconut Seed, I just want to say thanks for the support. It's very much appreciated and I promise to deliver quality content each and every time.

$0 of $500 per month
This is the Goal that, if reached, will allow me to get studio equipment to set up The Coconut Seed Podcast as well as keep the website domain and premium membership active for two+ years.
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