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I created my first app some 6 years back, I never posted or published it but it gave me a drive to create something more. For some years, I learned C# and C++ and worked secretly on Macalifa (now known as Bread Player). I have been very fortunate as to the response of my audience (which is you) and really appreciate their feedback. I am a lone developer and work solo on all my apps (though I appreciate all and any help) with support and help only from my own app users.

I don't expect or assume anyone will support me and my projects any more than simply installing and running them; and that is already more than enough. But if you feel compelled to do more, to contribute more, every penny will eventually go back into developing more apps and supporting the old ones!

The development process is a long and weary one and sometimes for weeks there may be no news or update as to what is being developed or being worked on. But rest assured, there is always an app or an update in the studio.

I have kept my Patreon pledge tiers remarkably low because truthfully there are many, many better creators to spend your valuable money on. Think of this as a thank you gift or a donation.

Remember, all your support and contribution will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
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The Intellectuals
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Email me an app idea, a request or a suggestion and I'll add it to my to-do list.
The Alphas
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Another great way to support me with a little more than $1. 
  • You shall get access to Patreon stream, with latest news, updates and anything I am working on.
  • Get access to betas and alphas of anything I am working on.
The Electorates
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  • You shall get access to Patreon stream, with latest articles, drafts and other things I am currently writing.
  • Get access to betas and alphas of any app I am currently working on.
  • Ability to vote on latest app ideas and prompts which you find interesting. The next coming app will be based on the most voted idea. 
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Currently, I have developer accounts in Windows and Google App Stores. I would like to also have a developer account in Apple App Store. This would help me in completing such an endeavor.
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