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With this tier, you'll get access to our chat room (pending setup) to talk to me about the project, or anything of that nature. It'll be your opportunity to give direct feedback, suggestions, and things you'd like to see.

Additionally, you'll get access to view our expense receipts so that you'll know exactly where our money is going that you patron us with. We believe in being fully transparent with our backers.

You definitely want us to succeed
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You really want to help keep the lights on, eh? Ok, so we can do this:

In addition to the lower tiers, you'll also get one of our services for free for the life of your account when we finally go live.


- html comments: weird one, but basically you get to write the contents of your choice into a comment that we'll place in the public source of the application. Anyone curious enough to do a view source will see your writing. Obviously there are some reasonable limitations, but we'll review case by case. 




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About TCC

The Commission Cafe, or just Commission Cafe, is a new take on art sites. Instead of just showcasing ones own art, we celebrate the creation of this art, specifically in the form of commissions. Commissions allow people with ideas to materialize and realize those ideas when they might not have the means to do so. The Commission Cafe sets those people up with artists that will take on their commission, and the artist will be promptly paid. So, it could be said that The Commission Cafe is for two groups of people.

First and foremost, The Commission Cafe is for commission artists. Other sites might allow for users to sell their art, but none, including art sites, focus on the commission experience. The Commission Cafe lets artists display previous work as a portfolio, as well as their preferred styles, mediums, will's and won'ts, pricing, and all sorts of other useful aspects a seller might want to portray. That user can collect metrics on how their commissions are doing, how many visitors are coming to their studio, how much revenue they're actually making, and more. Users can manage orders just like they could an online store such as Etsy or Ebay.

The Commission Cafe is also for those looking to hire an artist to perform a commission. Users can browse through the portfolios of artists who had previously done commissions, view by price, style, or any other metric that can be objectified. They can make the best choice for them in an easy to use format that makes the consumption of media quick and to the point. We're not deviant art where the purpose is to collect as much art as you can. We're not Etsy, where the sole purpose is to sell. We're a connecting entity, and users form that connection. Users form the connection from idea to artist.

How do we stand out?
  • We do not take a cut from what an artist sells as a commission. Our monetization strategy doesn't need it.
  • Much of the value in our platform comes from the way we do make money, value added services. These are optional bells and whistles you can add to your account to make selling easier. You are running your own business, and we want that to succeed.
  • Art is art, there's no need to try and convince us of what that means. So long as it follows community guidelines and local laws, we will do our best to support you.
  • We will provide as many services as we possibly can to artists to streamline the experience. Over the past few months we've collected a large amount of feedback from the arts community regarding what they like and don't like about selling art online, and that forms the core of our mission, and our platform.
Other info:
  • We are registered as a LLC in the state of Texas, USA. Our ID number is 32060872085
  • We have no employees. The Director of Engineering does all work in regards to programming, business, and financials. Two additional partners help with marketing and design work and own stakes in the company.
  • We currently have 0 revenue and no funding. This is a first time venture for us, and we hit the ground running, so not all the ins and outs of startups are being followed, but there is no true rule for that anyway. All expenses are paid out of pocket.
  • All works that you see as company assets are paid for by the company and we own the intellectual property rights. Art theft is something we take very seriously, and will make every effort to correct.
$0 of $100 per month
This covers operating costs for a month. While we don't have any paid employees, our founder pays for every company and application related item out of pocket. Just the development servers alone are $50-$60 a month, not including other things that require funding. Any more than this is appreciated, as that means we can do some cool things, like get access to some high end graphics or tools.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
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