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If one knew, he wondered, the facts, would one have to feel pity even for the planets? If one reached what they called the heart of the matter?
Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter (1948).

My situation

I am on Patreon in order to carry forward my conservation attempts for Africa's wildlife and the customary land on which it depends, but this time by engaging with a club of like-minded people, a collaborative approach to dealing with such massive problems, in stark contrast to the rather lonely attempts made in the past by my wife, Cathlin and our family. These attempts have been well laid out in my book, The Plunderers of Eden, currently going through final preparation for publication.

I will include in my posts historical developments in North America and the UK, as they are the parents of our conservation movement, both states in the grip of a two-party political system, corrupt and increasingly dictated to by the corporates, the UK still semi-feudal, its legacy of the enclosures yet to be reformed, except in Scotland.

But looming over all this is the global warming catastrophe, sustained by the three horsemen of the apocalypse, financialisation, neoliberalism and globalisation.

Where am I

I am Toronto, Canada

Sustained output and support

I commit to produce at least four posts a month. I am looking for patrons who can support The Heart of the Matter by pledging a monthly sum. My hope is to find fellow comrades in the fight for Mother Earth, for the game commons - and in the finding, engage and grow stronger not only in knowledge, but also in working together on a united front. 

Putting the money to work
My goal is $3,000 US a month in order to:
1. Pay for an assistant occasionally to help with the technical trappings of the internet: subscriber mailing, hosting, web development...
2. Pay, when needed, a research assistant to investigate briefly any HEART OF THE MATTER hidden issues in the relevant country 
3. Allow me to continue to engage in pro bono work for the Luembe Conservancy Trust which I formed in Zambia in 2003 for the conservation of the 4,000 sq. km. Luembe chiefdom in a wild patch of Africa. The trust holds the land-user rights to the area, giving the residents a greater say in the conservation and development of their customary land. I will be seeking other funding to pay my paralegal friend, Japher Mbewe L.L.B. to carry on with the development of community protocols and a host of other tasks on his people's land
5. Help free up some time for me to process my book drafts into e-books and to provide some of them with Creative Commons Licenses so that they may be free to all, my present eight manuscripts obviously made available to my patrons first. My sole published book so far, With a Gun in Good Country, will also be made available
6. Contribute to my livings costs

Pledges from Patrons
Pledge $1 and up a month and I welcome you to the discussion.

Like termites building an anthill, every little bit  of our joint effort has an immense cumulative effect.

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