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Welcome to The Credible Nerds' Patreon page! Thank you so much for joining us here. We podcast about anything and everything in the Nerd cosmos! We discuss Star Wars & Star Trek, The Wheel of Time & The Cosmere, Middle Earth & Westeros, Harry Potter & Harry Dresden, Transformers & The Terminator, and so much more!

We take our podcasting very seriously and we hope to improve in every aspect, from our production quality, to our podcasting performance, to our content we present. We plan on using this platform to help improve our podcast and our skills and abilities. We are a family friendly podcast that you can listen to with your kids!

Your patronage will help out The Nerds improve our show. As it stands we spend money on a monthly basis for podcast hosting services, as well as fees for our website hosting services. We would like to be able to first use the donations to be able to cover these minimal costs.

Then once the show is self sustaining, we want to vastly improve our show to be more professional sounding! The first thing would be to get Marc a microphone. Then we would next buy some podcast software to record and edit our show to improve our show quality. Next we will look at buying video editing software to make it easier to provide quality video content to you Patrons. Then finally we improve our recording studio to make it more awesome, and in turn produce better and more frequent content for our Patrons!

As our production quality improves and we have the equipment and software to make these improvements, we will be increasing the amount of our show content and improving our quality at the same time. We also want to provide Credible Nerds swag and product giveaways to all of you! 

Our goal at The Credible Nerds is to produce the best show to our abilities and to provide premium and interesting content every time. We want to be forum where people can join because of interesting content, have their voice heard, and be a part of a positive environment. Let us know how we are doing and what we can improve on!

Thank you for being a part of this endeavor!
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Once we reach this monthly goal, we will be a self-sustaining podcast! 
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