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You get my eternal and everlasting gratitude. It may not amount to much, but the satisfaction of knowing that I'll be in your eternal debt from your act of pure altruism will help keep you warm at night.
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In addition to my eternal gratitude, I will specially thank you by listing you as a donor in the credits. Also, patrons who donated at least this amount will be able to vote on things like what the next video will be about!

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Along with my eternal gratitude, a listing in the credits as a donor and the right to vote; patrons will get to suggest one topic for a video , that I will endeavour to produce on the channel and give my most informed opinion on in a timely manner. (Subject to my final approval of course- I'll ask again if I'm not comfortable with the topic.)




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Hello! I'm Darren Wyatt, writer and aspiring media critic. I made a Youtube channel, The Critical Otaku, to share my love for anime, critical assessment of art and geek culture; and I would very much like to ask for your help in making it the best channel it can be.

My channel's focus is on providing intelligent and incisive media criticism sprinkled with humour and a good-natured appreciation for the medium. I do holistic reviews of completed shows meant to inform viewer's looking for that next special viewing experience; long form in-depth analyses of a show that look into how its various visual and narrative elements work in concert; and seasonal first impressions and observations. Occasionally I venture off into topics other than anime, with the same amount of care and attention to detail in the critiques. 

If that sounds good to you, please consider helping me out- I still need to keep the lights on and get the internet bills paid. Every dollar donated will be one less dollar I'll need to get from doing something else: which means I get to spend more time working on the channel and producing quality content for you! The long form analyses in particular are very time consuming to produce because they entail lots of research and editing- with your support, I'll be able to dedicate more time to them and to even expand their scope!

But hey, don't worry- even if you don't donate, I'll still put out the content when I can; I love doing this stuff far too much to quit.

Because I'm a Critical Otaku, and I'd like to invite you to be one too.
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This is the bare minimum amount where the channel becomes self-sufficient; I basically won't have to worry about the internet bill if we reach this goal. Yay!
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