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This tier is probably the most bang for your buck. For just two measly dollars (or more... I wont stop you...) per month I am giving you access to our interactive Patreon feed which will include things like:

  • Early access to new videos: I will upload new videos right here for my wonderful Patrons to see before anyone else!
  • Access to Prototyping Vlog: Unlike my regular tutorials, you will get to join me as I make mistakes and try new and possibly dangerous things in the name of high tech costuming! While I cant promise explosions... I cant promise there wont be any either...
  • Adblock forgiveness: Supporting me on Patreon eliminates that guilt that you definitely feel when you block my monetized adds on Youtube and allows me to make more tutorials more consistently.
  • Possible Thank You in Vlogs: I couldn't do this without your support! There are too many of you to thank in each post, but on my Vlogs I will personally thank some of you for your support!
  • Insider news: I have a lot of projects in the works. Some are small, some are big! From brand new moving wings to fiber optic dresses and micro controlled headgear, I will keep you updated on all the exciting new projects I am working on! 
  • Community: The Patreon feed is interactive, meaning it's not just a place where I put stuff and you just passively see it. It's a place where you can comment on things and ask me questions and get actively involved even further with me and my projects!  Vote on Vlog topics and my next prototyping project!
Social Hour
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Join the maker movement by donating just $5 and you can talk with me personally about your costuming questions and troubles!

  • All Previous Rewards: This reward entitles you to my Patron Only feed and all the goodies it provides. More details above.
  • Monthly Google Hangout:  Making costumes and props can be an infuriating, but rewarding process. At this tier you can join me once a month for a few hours to talk about the fun and frustrations of being a maker. I am happy to answer questions and help you come up with new ways to make great costumes!  Or we can just talk about how delicious cupcakes are... whatever... :P
Tutoral Tinkerer
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Want more? More action? More Excitement?? MORE MAKING MADNESS!?!?!
At this tier you get:

  • All Previous Rewards: This reward entitles you to my Patron Only feed and all the goodies it provides as well as all the goodies at the $5 tier. More details above.
  • Private Tutorial and Post Archive:  Patreon is not terribly friendly when it comes to finding old posts.  At this tier you can find all of the parts lists, videos, and Blog/Vlog posts from Patreon in an easy to find format.  No more scrolling for a year to find that one post where I talked about that Stuff you need for your project or how to do that one Thing. Here you can find everything quickly and easily and save your poor middle finger from that evil scroll wheel.
  • Personal Thank You in Video Tutorials: I couldn't do this without your support. As a thank you I will select some of you to thank by printed name at the end of each of my video tutorials with possible shoutouts thrown in. I will do my best to get through all of you every few months.
  • Exclusive Text and Image Tutorials: Also on this private page will be text tutorials and images to help you through step by step in making your props! While I understand the video tutorials are great for seeing first hand how something is done what takes 3 days to complete can take just 10 min on a video.  Rather than pressing pause for hours at a time you can print off these pages and follow along at your own pace and watch the videos as a supplement to make sure everything you are doing looks correct!



About The Crooked Feather

Here at The Crooked Feather I am constantly trying to push the limits of costume design and functionality.  With your help I can work on more varied and interesting projects and pass on what I learn to you!  Not only that but you can help decide what insane costume piece I figure out next!  With your support I am hoping to get some breathing room from commissions and instead focus on tutorials and prototyping.  Help me help you learn to make some really cool stuff!

*** Please note: We love to support the cosplay community, and that is why we make instructions and plans available on Patreon, on the website, and on YouTube. That being said, we intend our instructions to go toward personal sets ONLY, and do NOT support individuals taking our plans and instructions and setting up their own competing businesses - NO EXCEPTIONS! We don’t care if you are halfway across the world or across the street, if you are using our intellectual property for monetary gain it is NOT OK. Please respect our intellectual property and the years of hard work we have put into making this company by not stealing our designs, instructions, wording from our website, etc. If you find someone who appears to be setting up a business based directly off of our instructions and plans, feel free to contact us so that we can look into it. Thank you for your understanding and respect!
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While I plan on recording my shinaniganz anyway, this cap will let me prototype something new and untried every month! At the moment I am slave to my customers schedules. FREEEEE MEEEEE from my monetary chains and I can try new and different things on a regular basis. Want me to make feathers that look like they are singed and smoldering?  Want me to make a dress that glows and lights up? How about a moving Medusa wig? As a patron you get to cast your vote for my next prototype Vlog project, AND you get one every month! While more complicated projects may take more than a month, any that do are sure to be worth the double feature ;)
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