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About Sharkchild

Since the launch of this Patreon page, 25 episodes have been released and the podcast has been featured on SYFY, LifewireGeekBustleThrillist, and Inverse!

In October of 2007—with a laptop, a wild imagination, and a slightly Lovecraftian execution of the English language—I began The Dark Verse podcast. Each episode contains a short story of horror I have written and narrated. For its first two years, I was religiously committed to its consistency, writing a new story and releasing a new episode every two weeks.

In 2009, things changed when I decided to pursue the self-publishing of the first twenty-six stories in a hardcover tome known as  The Dark Verse, Vol. 1: From the Passages of Revenants. A conundrum of time entrenched my existence. My efforts in publishing quickly sucked dry those hours I had been previously using to complete episodes for the podcast. Continuing on with the self-publishing of two more hardcover Dark Verse volumes—The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death and The Dark Verse, Vol. 3: Beyond the Grip of Time—the last few years have contained all but sprinkles of new episodes, leaving listeners waiting, wondering, and wanting.

I am fanning my inner flame once more and singeing the world of horror fiction with new stories every month.

I am doing this for my fans, I am doing this for myself, and I am doing this so that libraries will expand with the addition of more and more glorious physical volumes of The Dark Verse

Your support will: empower and inspire me to write and release episodes monthly; help me to continue publishing award-winning hardcover books; and propel me forward on the journey of making a living writing, narrating, and publishing incredible tales.

Help me reach into the depths of terrific terror and share with the world dimensions of the most mind-altering horror!

Be an Outsider,

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I run a lot of giveaways through The Dark Verse. I'll throw a huge one with an absurd amount of prizes (from Dark Verse books and H.P. Lovecraft books to other special items)!
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