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For just one dollar a month you get access to my Patreon-only stories which I post every day. You'll always get this content before anyone else on the Internet and certain content will NEVER be available anywhere else!

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Maybe you want more than just a transcript... you want to see the whole damn show. Well for $5 a month you get exclusive photo and video content as well as access to my original music.

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Wow... At this point we're practically family! You really care about me and my art and want to see more of both of us. For that you get my undying thanks, unending loyalty, and a personal message every month on what I've been working on and what's coming up next.




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Hello! My name is David Hawkins, and I am a Print Audio/Visual Storyteller. I write stories, I make videos of my stories, I make photographs, and I create music.  The world in all of its mystery and wonder deserves illumination... and YOU deserve to hear all of these hidden mysteries told and shown.  So take a look at what I have to offer and if you appreciate my work then I would appreciate your support.  

I'll deliver a new piece every single day.  Everyday Tier subscribers will get text-based stories as well as photos and Mystic Tier and higher backers will get a visual creations based upon those stories as well as other exclusive content.  In addition Loud and Clear Tier subscribers will get access to the original music that accompanies my videos as well as personalized monthly messages as well as other exclusive content.
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I don't like to worry.  Doing what I do requires that I have to juggle domain names, servers costs, batteries, memory cards, internet access... and one NIGHTMARE of an electricity bill.  $100 a month means that I can worry a little less about that stuff and create and produce a couple more videos per month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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