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I have been in the Social Media space for more than a decade. I have been consultant, a coach, a manager and an analyst. Over these years, as I watched the world of Social Media grow, I began to see that we were growing an entire generation that lived in the Social Media space, but was never shown how to conduct themselves in it. Social conventions of the real world did not seem to apply. Cyber-Bullying, Social Media Shaming, language, inappropriate images and conversations, all started to become the norm and were starting to effect the lives of kids, not only today, but in their futures.

This is why I started The Digital Hallway program. A program where Parents, Teachers and Teens can all learn more about the Internet and Social Media, focusing on subjects that are relevant to them and actionable, today. Beyond going into schools and have an few sessions per semester, I wanted to create something that allowed Parents, Teachers and Teens to access learning content anytime, from anywhere, in a space that was designed specifically for them. With Patreon, people can make a monthly donation to my effort, so that I can continue to create more content, do more Q&A sessions and engage in more one-on-one coaching.

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When I reach $500 per month I will bring in other Social Media experts (who specialize in Social Media, Internet environments and issues), for exclusive interviews and Q&A's on Parent and Teacher Private Facebook Groups.
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