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This is just to evaluate interest in the miniatures game. It also gets access to the stories, but it will help me decide how much effort to put into the game, if any. If we make it to $50, I will definitely start releasing it and developing it further, and it will be released for people in this tier. It doesn't cost any m

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This will support me taking the time to write more fiction for this this world (or these worlds... it gets complicated!) Releases will be once or twice a month, usually fifteen to thirty pages. There are two main story lines I am writing about after Doomsday, but I am also writing about the Dooms themselves!




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Once upon a time, this was to be the background for a game about gang warfare in a fantasy post-apocalyptic Victorian London. It would involve many of the great stories of that time period, combined into an epic storyline of overly ambitious plots and their consequences.

 It did not get far off of the ground, as is often the case with such things. Still, the world that was developing has resonated with me for many years now. I finally decided last year to sit down and write some stories to bring that world to life.

This Patreon is about making those stories available! And maybe someday the game itself.

Current List of Publications
Stories of the Dooms
The Pyramid of Hepetseba (free)
The Necrofactory Pt. 1 (free)
The Necrofactory Pt. 2 (free)
The Necrofactory Pt. 3 (free)

Stories about the Jeremy Goslings
Jeremy Gosling pt. 1 (free)

Stories about Gravedigger Jones
Gravedigger Jones pt. 1 (free)
Gravedigger Jones pt. 2 (free)

The world is now called The Dooms of London. In brief, the treasures and artifacts brought back to London from all over the world built up mystical energy, with the British Museum as its nexus. This energy changed London, breaking the normal rules of reality for the city and the countryside around it. Magic, faith, and mad-science became fully functional aspects of everyday life, blending in with the already incredible changes the world's largest and fastest growing city was experiencing in the 1860's . Things were possible in London that were just fantasy everywhere else on Earth. The British Museum, as the repository of so many objects of power from around the world,  became the focal point for research into these new arts and sciences.

Mystical London also enabled ambitious men to begin several great plots to achieve personal, political and metaphysical goals. They sought new opportunities to seek wealth, power, revenge, or even immortality. The powers that were utilized for these plots, or perhaps their consequences, split London into seven different realities. Each reality contained its own timeline (or timelines...) of a dark plot. All of the plots culminated in a disaster at noon on June 21st, 1867. Doomsday.

These are the brief descriptions of each plot. They eventually will each get their own story, though they will not be the final words on the dooms. Characters in the stories from after Doomsday will also be revealing details based on their personal experiences.

1) The Pyramid of Hepetseba - English explorers found a pyramid in Egypt where an ancient pharaoh appeared to have truly achieved godhood. Perhaps it could be repeated.

2) The Curse of the Fianna - A group of Irish revolutionaries embraced the ancient legends of the Emerald Isle, worshipping as druids and finding ways through the Veil to make deals with the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

3) Dante's Carnival - An ex Caribbean slave called Dante started a magical circus that traveled about the countryside outside of London.Many strange and dark rumors spread about the circus, but they drew in more than they kept away. The greatest draw was performance called Redemption or Damnation, an aerial act that purported to determine the fate of souls in front of the cheering crowds. When the circus was finally granted permission to set up in the city, the parade became a long hedonistic party marching through London, until it was disastrously confronted by the priests of St. Paul's Cathedral.

4) The Martian Invasion - Men sought ways to cross the void to Mars and claim it on behalf of the empire, but were surprised to find the planet was already inhabited by a race struggling to survive on the dying planet. The Martians were not about to become the newest British colony, and instead launched a great fleet of skyships to colonize Earth instead.

5) The Rippers - Men learned ancient rituals to contact elder gods and demons, hoping to bargain for wealth and immortality. This quickly devolved into gangs or clubs of cultists offering human sacrifices to bring these entities into the world. Gangs of Rippers roamed the nights of London, seeking victims to be sacrificed to win their demonic gods' favor. Far worse bargains were to be made.

6) The Necrofactory - A curious man from Eastern Europe made a partnership with an English engineer to further Dr. Frankenstein's work. It lead to a revolutionary way to use corpses to automate manufacturing, and a great factory was planned for the Isle of Dogs to construct the next generation of British warships. Meanwhile, a cult of workers also used the technology to enhance themselves with the bodies of their fallen comrades.

7)  Shrouded London - This has become less defined. It was originally a series of intrigues between witches, vampires and werewolves that was to culminate in a battle to cover London in permanent smoke and fog, allowing the dark creatures free reign over it during day and night. Then I decided that the world did not need yet another story about a battle between vampires, werewolves and witches. Its been done. A lot. Unless I come up with some mindblowingly new take, I'm not touching that. So those things will be a part of it, and deadly fogs will still be part of the doom, but this is going to be much different than originally planned.

Doomsday was the culmination of all these plots in their separate universes. After a day of combating the consequences of the Seven Dooms in their own realities, all of the Londons re-merged at midnight, creating a single new timeline. This London was wracked by disaster and ruin from all seven Dooms. London became a city where alien war walkers, nightmarish fey creatures, hordes of the dead, and the demonically possessed might lurk around any corner.

Each individual person, having existed in all seven of the London realities, had one version of themselves selected to become the single individual of the final reality. Worse, most of those who perished in one Doom were left out of the merged London entirely. The landscape and buildings were likewise fused or replaced, and the areas of destruction for each of the Dooms manifested themselves in the merged city.

Even this London still wasn't settled. New shadow universes of this merged reality immediately branched off, often dominated by the consequences of one or several of the dooms. These shadow Londons can occasionally replace individuals or even whole blocks of "real" London, either at random or by unfathomable rules.

In spite of the destruction and chaos, the British slowly reclaimed control over parts of the city. Much of it was abandoned, yet Londoners are resolved to finish reclaiming the capital of their Empire. The Queen still lives, and much of Parliament remains as well.

Most of all, London is still a realm of possibilities as much as disaster. Art and architecture, science and magic have potentials there not possible anywhere else on Earth. Religious people of the world find true connections with their gods in London, from primal animists to the most modern of organized faiths.

Far from being abandoned, London is in a flux of new people and ideas. Engineers still create fantastic machines, mystics try to divine the future, and magicians create cures for diseases and magics to improve the city. New agencies of law and order have been formed by the government to protect those who remain and prevent any new great plots from further wrecking the city.

The remnants of the old plots still linger as well, with seekers of immortality and power still calling upon ancient entities. Monsters of fey and demonic origin stalk the streets at night.

These are the stories I am working to share with you. Stories of the Dooms, stories of those that survived them, and stories of struggling to live and rebuild among chaos and disaster.

London Burning

This was the title of the original miniatures game. It was a game of gang battles in Doomed London, where the gangs were still involved in the great plots that had ruined the city (or were trying to defend the city from such gangs).

It got a fair number of playtests, had eight or so different factions, and a unique combat and gangmember experience system. It was also to have a campaign system that let the players compete to bring their plots to fruition, though this was less developed than the simple battle rules.

If there is interest in this, based on Patreon pledges towards the game's development, I will begin organizing these rules for publication and further development.

$3 of $300 per month
If I can get to $300 per month, I promise bi-monthly additions to the story. It will be serialized!
If I get to $50 per month for pledges in the "Support the Stories and Game" tier, I will start releasing the London Burning miniatures rules (they need editing) and start a webpage for playtesting it rigorously!
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