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Hark, brave adventurer! You have stumbled upon a moist, odorous place, but fear not, for The Dorito Master shall be your guide. This land is called Neckbeardia, home of all things neckbeard, and it has equal chances of being your salvation or your greasy ruin. 

Have you ever encountered a fat slob of a man-child and thought to yourself, "Damnation, how can I be as enlightened?" Well good news, because here's your chance! Through the power of the internet, The Dorito Master has the ability to guide you through unimaginable perils and lead you to rewards that bring all the overweight girls to the yard. Just as long as they keep their distance, Sagan forbid you actually talk to one of them. 

This is accomplished through interactive campaigns, split up into multiple parts, and you, yes YOU, the one with your hand in your pants, have the power to change how it unfolds!

At the end of each part a decision will confront your avatar, and herein lies your part in the adventure. A straw poll will be posted alongside it and, after a few days, The Dorito Master will continue the story based on whichever decision won. You may meet strange and fascinating characters, you may gain their trust and see them die on the field of battle in your name, you may even pass by them without a second thought. Death is permanent and every decision you make carries weight, so choose wisely.

With your donations of Good Boy Points, or GBP for short, The Dorito Master may petition the hag known as MOTHER for all the commodities necessary to survive, such as chicken tendies and various flavors of that holy nectar known as Mountain Dew. 

So. Adventurer. Are you brave enough? Are you smart enough? Are you quick enough, strong enough, heroic enough to beat the Normies and save Neckbeardia? 

Blood, glory, and a faint stench of squid awaits.

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With this many Good Boy Points, The Dorito Master will be able to translate ancient scrolls at least once every two weeks.
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