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With this tier, you will get to vote on various polls I post here that will steer the kind of content I create! Also, you'll be supporting my artistic efforts... just cuz! Thank ya!

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    I will make a custom pixel art character of you in the style of my ongoing game project "REM" which will be available to use in my twitch streams.

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      Worldy Wayfellow
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      You are helping me craft little worlds, so why not be a part of them? I will add you into one of my projects is a unique way... TBD. Maybe you will end up as a background character in a game? Maybe you pick a Monthly Mashup subject directly? Or... something else? Let's talk haha.

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        In addition to working professionally as a graphic designer and digital artist for 11 years, I've also been tinkering with countless creative passion projects my entire life. From filling up notebooks with extensive character bios and outlines for animated shows and web comics, to filing hard drives coding my own pixel graphic video games, I want to eventually fully produce it all.

        I've become close to too many projects that I haven't been able to finish, and I am looking to change this, once and for all. A key factor I have been missing in my various endeavors has been... well... a community (Oh, and of course, funding). Up until now, I've mostly worked on projects in a bubble, and that leads to burn out. Using Patreon, I am looking to build a real audience that will help me push forward and put my work out there on a level I have strived for, but not yet achieved.

        I hope to try lots of different things here on Patreon, and have my supporters help guide me on what they would like to see more of... things like:
        • Voting on extensions of my 2018 #MondayMashup illustration series, in which I combined two pop culture franchises each week into a funky monstrosity, e.g. Courage the Cowardly Dog and Sonic, Krusty the Clown and Vegeta, or Bugs Bunny and Bojack Horseman.
        • Customized pixel art sprites of my supporters, to be featured on my hopefully more frequent twitch streams, with unique animations and pixel equipment/accessories.
        • Behind the scenes looks at WIP stuff I always have cooking, but don't often share, like silly music projects, unfinished sketches, on-hold game ideas, and more back-burner stuff.
        • Maybe a "what should I work on?" poll for patrons to elect which of my many projects to push!

        I would like to become a full time creative, making things directly for the people that enjoy and support what I do, so any sort of support helps and is greatly appreciated, be it through monetary pledges, or even just by sharing my stuff through social media and word of mouth. I have put off trying this for too long, so... Here I Am, Rocking Like A Tornado. Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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        I will upgrade my internet so that I can have nice, smooth twitch streams :)
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