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  • Early access to all completed episodes of The Dungeoncast (Audio Only). This is typically anywhere from 1-2 weeks previous to scheduled release dates.
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"What the Gruumsh?!!" coffee mug!!
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  • Will and Brian are currently at their limits as far as content creation, scheduling, and providing any more loot, but would still be able to create an NPC in your honor in our Actual Play Adventure that will be introduced closely to the time of your patronage.
  • All previous rewards
Exclusive Mug
Fulfilled by Patreon
"What the Gruumsh?!!" coffee mug!!




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Welcome to The Dungeoncast!

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition podcast where co-hosts, Will and Brian, explore all things D&D including lore, game mechanics, and creative concepts.

Whether it's a detailed discussion on the strangulation techniques of Black Puddings or our continual drawing of Demogorgon's attention (we try not to do that anymore for...reasons), join us as we have casual, educational, and humorous conversation about the world's most popular tabletop RPG. Together we delve into the endless possibilities and unforeseen complications of character creation, role playing, and dungeon mastering.

New episodes of The Dungeoncast air every Monday on Youtube, Soundcloud or anywhere else podcasts can be found! Our main podcast is and will always be free!

The response to our Podcast/YouTube Channel has been overwhelming as we continue to grow because of each and everyone of you who spreads the word, leaves us feedback, or simply listens in to the show! For that we here at The Dungeoncast want say THANK YOU! You are awesome!

Due to your continued support, we have been able to launch brand new shows with and improve audio and video quality. One of these projects includes our very own 5E Live Play - Superquest Saga! These projects take time, work, and no small amount of cash flow to keep the lights on. Which is why your help is so crucial to the success of the shows we love to make.

Becoming a patron will not just secure you access to exclusive bonus content later, but awesome content right now! Depending on the tier you choose we have exciting D&D one-shot adventures, including the Vault Raiders Series, Holiday Specials, and the ongoing Super Hero campaign Flashbang and The Surgeon - adapted from episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. We are now offering a playlist filled with our OST we use for everything we make that we update regularly.

So, if you like what we do here at The Dungeoncast, and want to help us keep on keeping on, take a look at the tier list and see what level of Patronage works best for you!

You can reach us at any of the below links:

Twitter: @thedungeoncast
Instagram: thedungeoncast
Email. [email protected]

$1,076 of $1,200 per month
We want to get the entire Superquest (and any other live game) crew outfitted with the same high quality microphones we use on The Dungoencast! We'll need two more mics to get the job done, including their mounts and storage cases.
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