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By donating just $1 or more per month (it’s entirely up to you)you will receive my unending gratitude as I work to turn my hobby and creativity into my sole means of income. Also, your name will appear at the end of the first video of the month as a token of that idea for as long as you remain a subscriber. And you will be a major contributor in deciding the future of the channel - such as participating in Polls to decide what I will craft next, what kinds of materials to use, etc. As an added bonus, I will occasionally post previews of upcoming videos, and projects that are not featured on the channel!

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About TheDungeonMattster

Hey guys, Matt here, also known to my players as TheDungeonMattster (it's true, you can ask them). I'm using this space to put my art and creativity out there for you to enjoy and do something that I love. I believe if it's worth supporting, it will happen. So that's what this is - me sharing my passion with you.

I post a new video on my YouTube page every Sunday! Take a look, and if you feel that I've earned a little something for sharing my love of this hobby with you, then please consider subscribing! Every dollar that I make goes toward helping this channel grow! So show your support and be a part of something new and growing! See you around the table!
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New and better equipment to use and test, and materials for the craft.

When I reach 50 Patrons or more I will start releasing videos more frequently or start streaming live crafting sessions.
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