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-private streams to art and furytale content.  watch what I do and how i do it!

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-a free traditional sketch from the artist

-shoutouts on all social media

-free custom Furytale wallpapers  aquired only by donators

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-Previews to  unreleased Furytale content before its released to the public

-Skype calling with the artist(not a one time thing)

_Everything in the previous tier




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Im just an average person who likes making different kinds of art for people that may enjoy it..Pictures, Videos, Animations, you name it. Im pretty sure I can do it. I mostly focus on Undertale (Owned by Toby Fox), but Ive considered stretching to other subjects, such as Five Nights at Freddys, Steven Universe, Homestuck, Ect. Name the fandom, Ill find it. Im the creator of the Undertale Au FURYTALE, as well as the Furytale Afterstory and Furytale Origins story. (Both are coming soon)

I hope you can lend me your support to help me grow, itd be very much appreciated. If you do support me, then I thank you with all of my heart and soul! Your help will be very helpful for keeping me on my feet and making others as well as yourself happy!
$0 of $500 per Animation/Video
If I can reach $500, I can pay off any bills that may keep me from drawing, like my Internet, Rent, and Light/Water Bill, and...well survive and buy food. With these out of the way, I can have more time for drawing and Ill be able to properly support myself
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