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Hi guys!
My name is Gabriel, I'm a Car YouTuber from Belgium and my life long dream's been to drive and review cars on camera for people to see.
A couple months back, I finally decided to start my project and I launched it under the name "The Euro Car Show"!
Unfortunnately, as a student, It becomes harder and harder for me to cover the costs of my operation since I'm always trying to improve the quality of my content and the material I use so you guys get to enjoy my videos/photos as much as possible! I want to invest as much time as possible into making videos (and more) for you guys but I'm really starting to need some help to get through the costs.
Since I'm only at the begining, I don't have much to offer besides my full commitment to this project and a promise to do my best to always keep you entertained!
I'll always be available for your guys at [email protected] for any questions or suggestions!
Thank you all very much (in advance) for your support and hope you enjoy my work!
Gabriel Mutulete (ECS)
The Euro Car Show (ECS)<wbr>TheEuroCarShow
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As student, covering the costs to all these videos can be quite difficult so a bit of help would be most appreciated!
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