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You make these explorations possible. My life is better because of it. Thank you. 

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In the words of YMS, 'I hope you can read!'

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Sometimes there are few scribbles, in which case I will always upload something, usually a list of sources for additional reading and watching on the topic. 

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About William C. Fox

Thank You
Starting this YouTube community was one of the best decisions I ever made.I'm so thankful to all of you who see this page and consider becoming a Patron.

The Videos

My videos are about exploring historical and political topics with a depth not found anywhere else. Researching, writing, filming, and animating such in-depth projects takes time and money. Since 2015, I've been a one-man band, working as a teacher (I'm now working on a Master's degree) while buying books and producing these videos alone in my free time. More recent projects have been taking me between 1 and 4 working weeks (60-150 hours) to produce. 
That's why I need your help.

The Goal

We've learned so much together, but I need your support to make this storytelling sustainable.
I want The Exploration to be a bigger, more consistent operation. I want to be ambitious together, tackling more subjects at even greater depth. I also want to increase production values by improving the sound, adding B-roll, licensing music, using historical news reel, going on location, buying more books, visiting experts, and more. Your donation will go a long way in making these enhancements possible! 
That's why I've set us up with a series of goals. Arriving at each one means more time and resources for continued political and historical explorations!

p.s. I aim for 1-2 videos/month. That's currently hard to achieve because I also have a day job. As this community grows, I hope to become a regular 2vids/month poster. We'll see. I'll communicate any changes with you, my Patrons.

p.s.s you can cap your pledges, so you don't ever go overbudget
$411 of $500 per video
At this level, I will be able to ensure that I get the right books for the right topics. As many of you know, University/academic books can be MUCH more expensive. At 500$ per creation, I can more comfortably invest in hardcover books to use in my research.  
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