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As a donor, you'll receive a monthly downloadable track of a short work for viola and piano, or a transcription of a song or aria, plus  access to the Patron feed!

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About The Ezra Duo

Oh Hello!

We're The Ezra Duo, a viola/piano duo focused on bringing our repertoire, both standard and unknown, into the public eye.

We're both conservatory-trained musicians, and while classical performance is our primary focus, we're no strangers to other genres every now and then. Ezra is made of a somewhat unlikely pair; Jacob is a violist from Oklahoma, and Sasha is a pianist from Alaska. We met while in conservatory in Toronto, Canada, hit it off musically, and now, here we are. We've been lucky enough to perform together in New York City's Carnegie Hall, Toronto's Koerner Hall, and in Italy, and individually we've been all over the world. You can learn a lot more about us at our website.

Why be a Patron? Where does this money go?

As you may have heard, being a musician is a surprisingly pricey endeavor. We have loads of projects we'd like to see come to fruition. This is where you come in. Your patronage helps us move forward on projects like:
  • Recordings - viola/piano repertoire is vastly underrepresented. We want to help change that by recording works we love, and that we think deserve attention. Most of our recording wants stem from our highly-themed live programs, like Women in Music (all female composers), or American Giants (all American works).
  • Commissioning New Pieces - Composers need to be paid too! We've been fortunate enough to connect with several living composers that are doing exceptional work. We want to collaborate with them to bring new music from their heads, to our instruments, to your ears.
  • Concert Presentation - Sometimes a community has a wonderful space for a performance, but no concert series to go along with it. In this instance, we have to self-present by renting the venue, having the piano tuned, advertising the concert, etc. Just because there's no series doesn't mean the community should have to miss out on great live music!
  • Touring Costs - Touring is a wily animal. It takes weeks, often months, of planning and preparation to go on even a 10-day tour. Becoming a Patron helps us reduce a significant amount of touring costs, and helps us cover the fees of plane tickets, rental cars, and even occasionally self-presenting concerts.

What Do I Get From Helping You?

We're so glad you asked. It would be ridiculous to ask you to give for nothing in return. At different amounts, you'll receive various benefits, with the higher tiers receiving all the benefits of lower tiers, in addition to the benefit specific to the tier at which you donate. At the initial tier, you'll have behind-the-scenes access to duo news, content, and informative/educational blog posts on various aspects of the music world. At higher tiers, you'll unlock additional benefits, such as hanging out with us in a live-streamed practice session! Most of all, you'll have our undying gratitude for going along with us on this crazy journey!

We hope to see you at a concert soon!
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Once we hit this initial goal, we'll host a live chat session available to all Patrons, not just those at the Sponsor/Benefactor tier (Sponsors and Benefactors will still get their exclusive live practice/chat sessions).  We'll all talk, laugh, and have a great time!
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