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My name is Billy Joe McCann and I am a 25-year-old photographer. I have been creating photos since I was a kid and got into portraiture work 8 years ago, but I never felt like it was enough. I wondered what else I could do. God has blessed me so much in life and I wondered... "How can I help others with my photography?" I began praying about it and that's when God gave me an answer; a project called "The Faces Of:."
Now, you may be thinking that "The Faces Of:" is a weird title and I would have to say that you're right but it's after you add the words after the colon that the story unfolds. You see, I have often looked at a homeless man on the side of the street or a drug addict in rehab and wondered "What was their journey to this place? How did they get here?" As a society we make a lot of assumptions about a group of people such as the homeless or the addicted, but do we ever step back and ask ourselves how we can help? Do you ever wonder if you have a similar story as them? Maybe you're just one step away from being in their shoes.
With "The Faces Of:" I hope to sit down with individuals and get to know them outside of the stigma that our society puts on them. With their permission, I would take their portrait and gather their story and publish them in a book. Example: The Faces Of: The Homeless.
Will you help me in opening up our eyes and hearts to the people and situations we come in contact with on a daily basis? Your gift will help me with travel expenses, publishing fees, etc. If you join me in this enlightening journey you will come along with me with blog posts, videos and photos, receive special content, and If you become an ultra member you will receive photo prints and video chat with me to go over any questions or suggestions you may have or just to hang out and talk.

The first book I plan to work and invest time on is "The Faces Of: The Misunderstood." This photo book will take a look at people who suffer from mental illness and their personal story. This particular topic is close to my heart as I struggle daily with my anxiety, fought a long battle with depression, cried with the thoughts of suicide and seen people leave this world way too soon because they felt that no one could help or understand them. I want to get people talking about mental illnesses as it should be. 

If you have any questions, I ask that you contact me at [email protected]
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The goal of $2,000 is to cover all of the fees that will go into making the first photo book of "The Faces Of:" series. These fees include travel, printing fees, editing fees, etc.
If you contribute to this goal, you will receive a discount to purchase the final product as well as seeing exclusive content. 
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