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is creating a Tiny House Community and Wellness Center
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- Affirmations for Motherhood, Pregnancy, & Childbirth

- Daddy Doula Guide to Home Birth

- A Guide to Unassisted Birth

- 1111 A Spirit Guide to Om: Daily Affirmation Guide

- Introverts Explained

- Empath the Book

- Tantra Mantras

Access to a full catalog of meditation sound healings.

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New episodes every Saturday!

We’ll be sharing our tips on how to use social media as a tool to share your creative gifts and make money while doing it. 

Over the last 6 years, we have worked in social media marketing both for ourselves and with other brands, growing account followings ranging from 2k all the way to 53k followers and counting!

We teach the art of how to create content for your page, the best apps to use for creating content, how to increase your followers, how to set up sales funnels, how to monitor the growth of your page, how to find your gift and match it with your niche, and more!

Pledge today for weekly classes, articles, workshops, and more! You’ll have access to all future content we create that revolves around you learning how to master your social media!



About The Meditation Family

Much love and thank you for following our family!
We are a family of holistic healers, creators, authors, yogis, and futurists who want to use our gifts to inspire, enlighten, and uplift. After spending this past year converting our school bus into a Tiny Home and Mobile Wellness Center, we now want to go forward with building a self-sustaining, Tiny Home Community with a 24-hour wellness center and market place.. But to do it, we need 5000 of our followers who support this community healing project to pledge at least $1 a month or more so we may purchase the land and building materials by the end of this year. Would you mind pledging at least $1 today to help us create this vision for our community?

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1. To help manifest the vision of building a 24-hour holistic wellness center.
2. To be a part of a community that is centered around growth and healing. 
3. To gain access to all of the amazing things we have to offer!

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