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The fat vegan liberator channel is all about raising awareness about the plight of animals that suffer in our society because of peoples food choices.

These are choices that many people don't even think about, and as a result a lot of people only know that pork comes from a pig. They aren't aware of the process of taking that animals flesh and turning it into sauseges actually causes that animal to suffer and their life is taken.

This is why I need your support. I currently edit my video's and create content around my job, however there are some current issues with this not least of all because it limits the amount of time I can put into actually helping animals.

This is where you guys come in, by supporting the Fat Vegan Liberator you're helping me to spread the message of Veganism further than i'd be able to own my own. This also means i'll have more time to edit content and put this out to you guys.
This also means I can do special live streams for you guys with special guests such as plant based peter.

I'd also like to take this moment to thank you on behalf of myself as any support you give me is huge, but also on behalf of the animals. The animals that i'm trying to help are the real people that will benefit from your support.
This is because the more you guys support me the further I can take message of Veganism & the faster we can make the world vegan.

Peace and love
The fat vegan liberator :)
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If I reach $500 a month i'll be able to travel around the UK to meet awesome vegans and create content just for you guys with them.

So this means I'll be able to step away from my bedroom & step into hotel rooms.
This also means I can also stay overnight for events and speak to more people about veganism & also put on in person talks and possible workshops just for you guys!

Peace and love!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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