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You're  are AMAZING, and officially a patron. You will receive one very thankful virtual hug - come on arms open.  As you know fertility issues are still taboo and my podcast gives it a voice. Your support will help that voice get louder 
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THANK YOU!. Stand by for that virtual hug and please do join my closed facebook page called Talk Fertility. As another thank you you will get my freebie guide to how to choose an IVF clinic from my trips around the UK and chats with people around the globe. 
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WOWEE. You are really making me blush. So for your awesome support you will get a virtual hug, an invite to my closed facebook group, my guide to choosing an IVF clinic and my IVF meditation audio which I've lovingly recorded. Plus lets get more social with twitter and insta. I've found an amazing bunch of people on both and they've formed the basis of a number of episodes. You can follow me @fertilitypoddy and maybe we'll hear your story sometime soon.

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About Natalie Silverman

Hellooo and welcome to my Patreon page and I'm hoping you are here, because you like what I'm doing with my beloved Fertility Poddy. I'm now in my 4th year and have made over 100 episodes which is amazing.. in that I never imagined the podcast would hold my attention for so long.
Having started to reach out and ask people to speak to me in September 2014, once pregnant after fertility treatment, I never imagined there would be so much potential. Sadly, so many of us are having to deal with fertility issues and as I reach out further on social media and meet more of you, there are so many more stories to be told. My mission is to continue to speak to fertility experts around the world and to share their wisdom and at the same time put your stories out there.  Whether you are just starting or trying to complete your family, whether you are in a couple or going solo - I have something for you.

By being part of my Patreon page you are holding my hand on this journey, letting me know you support what I do and for that I send you the biggest, heartfelt thank you.

When I hear my podcast has helped someone feel less alone, I know the hours of love and attention I spend on making this content is worth it. Podcasting takes time and whilst I've been lucky to get a bit of sponsorship it's just covering my costs so now i'm reaching out to you for your support. 

Think of it as buying me a coffee each month in return for listening to my episodes, then we have a perfect relationship developing  - thank you again, Natalie
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To cover the cost of Libsyn, my audio host which is how you can have a seamless listen to my episodes and download them. I'd like to achieve this by the end of May 2018

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