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"A crucial and underrated part of every team."

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About The Flatballer

So what is The Flatballer and what's up with this Patreon campaign?

We're glad you asked. The Flatballer is a media company started by three friends in Montreal, Quebec, with a shared passion for the sport of ultimate. We believe ultimate is worth watching not just for the action, but for the individuals that play the sport, their stories, and the unique drama that unfolds every time two teams take the field.

With this in mind, we launched The Flatballer, bought a plane ticket to the World Ultimate Club Championships in Cincinnati last summer, and pointed a camera at some of the best ultimate players in the world.

The result turned into an incredibly fun nine months of videos, highlights, articles, memes, and whatever else we could think to put out.

Now, entering 2019, we have our sights set on a year of creating engaging, original content and telling stories about ultimate from a variety of angles across as many media formats as possible, to a truly international audience.

This brings us to this Patreon campaign.

To be the international media company we lie awake at night imagining ourselves being, we need to travel, film, and tell stories beyond the scope of what's happening in our backyard. With that in mind, our tournament schedule for 2019 includes: TEP in Colombia, the European Beach Ultimate Championships in Portugal, the World U24 Championships in Germany, and USAU Nationals in San Diego, with several other events on our wish list. 

Getting to these events with personnel and equipment to produce the content we want to produce will not be cheap, which is why we're asking you, the ultimate community, to consider partnering with us in this endeavor. If you enjoyed the content we put out in 2018 and would like us to not only keep it going, but scale up our efforts and dream bigger with the stuff we want to put out, we're setting up tiered donation levels of $3, $7, and $15 a month.

To be clear, all of our content remains free to access for everyone.

This patreon format is an entirely optional add on to allow those who are financially able to chip in a few dollars per month (in exchange for some rewards and perks at each donation level) to keep us churning out ultimate content. We are grateful for every share, comment, and like and plan to keep everything we produce available for all. 

Thank you for reading, here's to a great 2019 of ultimate!
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Your support will allow us to:
  • send one or more team members to at least four international tournaments in three different continents
    (Current list: TEP, EBUC, WU24, USAU Nats)
  • produce at least 12 long form highlight or documentary videos/year
  • produce at least 10 articles/year
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