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About The Forgotten Male

I am here to help males remember who they truly are. They are not beta orbiters, white knights, SIMPS, or cucks. They are not fearful, emotional, lazy, beings without any purpose!! Men have purpose. They are not afraid of confrontation. They are fearless and do not worry what others think of them. They control their emotions, make decisions, say what's on their mind, stay in shape, and are not afraid to simply say no. It's time for more men to take the red pill and wake up from the matrix. Live a fulfilled life that you create and are in control of. Raise your male children to become men and not simply raised by their mothers learning how to become more effeminate. No more everyone gets a trophy, it's ok to cry when you don't get what you want. No it's time for men to wake up and remember who they are. Do not be the forgotten male.
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