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About The Forking Tomatoes

The Forking Tomatoes channel was created when four friends decided to tap into multiculturalism in their environment.

The four of us come from four different countries, Ashley from the UK, Emma from France, Nelvin from Malaysia and Petra from Hungary. We met in Germany during our studies. The idea to create a channel looking into different languages and cultures was inspired by the multiculturalism in our classroom. Knowing, learning and being exposed to different cultures let us realise that it is a fun thing to not just introduce these cultures to others, but also to attempt to preserve the knowledge of it.

"The opportunity to make the most of living in a foreign country with a group of international friends sounded so interesting that I was happy to participate. We have so much fun making these videos and hopefully we're managing to entertain others too. " - Ashley

"This project just seems to have fallen into place pretty spontaneously and I love that we do it as a group of friends! There is always more to learn when being surrounded by people from different countries and cultures and I am always onboard when it's about having fun and learning all at once! The thought that we can also entertain and share knowledge with others in the making is certainly a plus!" - Emma

"I had the idea to start this channel because I've not seen Malaysia on many videos/channels with international reach. I'd like to put Malaysia 'on the map', for the rest of the world to learn and know about us, and to share such cultural differences (be it nation- or ethnicity-related) internationally. I hope we could show, explain, and preserve these languages and cultures, so that they do not become lost." - Nelvin

"I was very excited when Nelvin first told us about his idea to start a Youtube channel about culture and language. Coming from a small country that not many people know about, I thought it would be great to introduce the many colours of Hungarian culture to the world - and to settle once and for all that our capital is Budapest, not Bucharest." - Petra

We hope that we can make better videos with your help!

As of now, we are still new to this scene and are overwhelmed with the support we get from our YouTube channel. We'd like to make better videos, but being the students that we are.... this Patreon account was made. Once we achieve more goals, we may be able to increase our reward tiers and upgrade our current rewards!

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