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The Galactic Observer is a news-and-opinion focused website for Hello Games' impactful upcoming game No Man's Sky. We will be covering all news, patches and other official information, including community driven content, such as machinimas, player spotlights, cool stuff from the game itself and many more items. 

Our expanding team of editors, columnists and contributors will produce guides, videos, live streams and write columns, guides, Q&A sessions and will cover everything there is to know about the game. The community is key here, as we aim to make it a community-driven website where everyone gets a fix for their No Man's Sky needs.

To achieve this, the site needs to grow not only in numbers of people in our community, but also financially to be able to support the website, dish out new content and keep everyone working avidly on their stations.

Now despite the fact we've only just started, running this website and expanding its features is a costly endeavour. Not in the least shown by the sheer amount of time everyone has put in so far and must put in into the website for the forseable future. Running a website with our ambitions, providing regular daily content, is a big undertaking and requires constant focus, reading backstories and sort the news in terms of importancy for use on the website.

Currently everyone involved in The Galactic Observer does this in their spare time, but in the future some of us will have to make writing for the site their full-time job to be able to keep up with everything. Communities grow, interactions grow and more time and money will be needed to host the site, keep the servers running and ourselves fed. 

Also we would like to pay everyone contributing to the website accordingly. Our editors are the real heroes here for all the work they've put in so far. They need to be paid for their time, and more importantly, we need the ability to pay for the volume of content a site like ours produces. To reiterate: the income per month will cover the cost of a few part-time editors, and a schedule of daily content. That daily content will includes news, opinionated pieces and columns, moderation of the message boards, community-driven features, guides and hosting Q 'n A sessions about the game. Also, we will use income generated to attend meaningful events and cover them, possibly live too!

What on earth is Patreon?

Patreon is a service where you can help crowdfund anything, in this case The Galactic Observer and rather than having one lump sum up-front total like a Kickstarter, you sign up for monthly, recurring payments, starting as low as $1 a month, but can be anything you'll settle for. 


We will be straight forward: The Galactic Observer does run ads on the website. This is plainly to generate additional income to host the aforementioned activities. We do plan on introducing advertisement-free support on our website for people who pledge $5,- a month or more.

Continuing to run advertisements is purely a matter of financial responsibility. We want to ensure a healthy site. If all of you are willing to back us, we also need to do our part to make sure your investment stays strong. We don’t intend to simply cash out our revenue and put it in our pockets. We will invest in our website above all.

Thanks in advance

Should you decide to help us out, be sure that we really appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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Staying operational means multiple, daily contributions to the site in any shape or form, compensate our editors for the time they put into assure a high level of quality of our content and at this point we will start to hold raffles, give-aways and other interactivities with our community
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